Ping Pong Conversataions: Alec Soth with Francesco Zanot

I love making books, but I continually struggle with the issue of accessibility. For students and everyone else on a budget, my books are either too expensive or too hard to find. For awhile that problem was resolved with my exhibition catalog From Here To There, but now that book is out of print and escalating in price.

So it is enormously satisfying to announce the publication of my new book, Ping Pong Conversations: Alec Soth with Francesco Zanot (Contrasto). There are so many things I love about this book:

1) Nobody knows my work better than the Italian critic and curator Francesco Zanot. This book-length conversation is richer than any other interview I’ve ever done. Everyone who’s read it (a couple friends, mom & dad) loves it. It is a wide-ranging, unpretentious, funny and surprising. Francesco’s introductory essay is also a killer.

2) The book’s 78 photographs are wonderfully surprising. While a number of my best known photographs are in the book, there are tons of obscure pictures from my archive that aren’t online anywhere else. The printing is also rock solid.

3) The book is less than $20!!!! Buy the book at PhotoEye or an independent bookstore near you.

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