I want to photograph your dog

Elliott Erwitt once said that the thing he likes about photographing dogs is that they don’t ask for prints. But this isn’t always the case. The picture above was made for a collector (that’s a million dollar Ad Reinhardt above the fireplace). This guy loves his dog. And I love dogs too. I also really love photographing dogs. 

I mention this because I will happily photograph your dog if you are the winning bidder of a portrait session on our eBay Auction page. Keep in mind that the collector above paid well over triple the amount of the current high bid. Also keep in mind that all proceeds go toward Brad Zellar’s mountain of medical bills. 

Brad Zellar is himself a lover of dogs. Check out his sweet tribute: A Man Who Wins The Dog Lottery Is a Lucky Man.

So if you feel lucky too, go bid on a portrait session on our eBay Auction page


PS. Sorry, I don’t photograph cats. 

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